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Sitefinity: Embedding a Google Wave Instance


I’ve uploaded a new control to my [downloads page](Item with ID: ‘6fafe3bc-c4df-4562-b748-636d6de6912c’ was not found!) which will allow you to drag\drop a google wave right onto a page!  You can see a sample [here](Item with ID: ‘e6d4f3c9-36bd-410b-a3e2-59bd846b7cb0’ was not found!).

Things to keep in mind:

  • Wave is still in beta, and still comes with a bit of a performance hit with gadgets on the page
  • You can’t get rid of the fugly google blue without getting rid of the login buttons.

So [click on over](Item with ID: ‘e6d4f3c9-36bd-410b-a3e2-59bd846b7cb0’ was not found!) and see if you can add things to my wave…I don’t know if you can without me adding you to the conversation :)


Google wave has been abandoned, so this post is pointless now :)

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