Sitefinity Widgets

Free Sitefinity Component Library

Buff up your Sitefinity toolbox with our widgets 💪

  • Tabstrip

    Drag-Drop widgets into a native Bootstrap or kendo tabstrip. The only tabstrip component available for Sitefinity that allows hosting of any content

  • Html Content Block

    Enter your content in a full-screen instance of VSCode in the browser, nothing to install, with intellisense and syntax highlighting. No content parsing, this thing is fast.

  • Markdown Editor

    Enter content as markdown, get a live preview to the right as you enter it. Nothing is cleaner than markdown, definitely not wysiwyg editors which bloat markup.

  • Page Title

    Drop on the top of a page to pull in the title automatically, or edit to change. Template is global so you can easily restyle site-wide without editing 1000 content blocks.

  • Twitter Feed

    Uses the twitter API to pull in content, Sitefinity removed twitter integration back around v11, I brought it back (but better)

  • Google Maps

    Drag-Drop google map widget, with just about every option configurable in the designer

  • Widget Finder

    Ever wanted to know which pages contain which widgets (even layouts)... then this is your jam.

  • And more...

    Extension methods like .GetTags(), .GetImage(), .Live(), .Master(), or just want images or docs in a ContentBlock to render with the ImageDoc .cshtml views, there's tons here


Nativescript Plugins


ServiceStack RestApi templates

This is the fastest and best way to create a custom Sitefinity Service. Not MVC JsonResults, not Webforms Svc calls, ServiceStack is fully licensed by Sitefinity, leverage it!