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Sitefinity forms popup template


Default MVC sitefinity forms template is missing a couple things

  1. FormViewModel does not expose the forms title
  2. Does not provide any way to specify a template… now it looks like you can set a custom form for a specific form based convention, but that would be annoying to keep re-implimenting.  What we want here is the ability to have an SF form popup in a modal window.
  3. So based on #2 we’re also missing some meta fields to change the button text… so… yeah

ANYWAY on to the new template, for reference this is the existing template.

Usage to make a form popup with this template

  • In the designer add a class name of “modal” or “popup”
  • To change the button text add the class of “title-”.  Everything after the dash will be used in the title and *NOT* added to the class of the form.
  • CssClass Examples:
    popup title-This is my Button
    modal title-Click Me

TLDR: Basically this just wraps the existing form code in a bootstrap modal window code and only renders it if it see’s “popup”, “modal”, or “model” in the CssClass field.  It would be awesome (any telerik’r reading this if there was a template dropdown).

Here’s the result



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