Missing from Sitefinity 4 Release

March 15, 2012

I've been keeping up to date (as much as possible) on the forums because there's a bunch of things I can't do with the RC that I want to be have in\working for release.

 So I thought I'd start an ugly table of what will be missing when it ships.  I can certainly understand why they'd release it with these missing features as the release date keeps getting pushed back, but IMO as slick as the interface and designer is, without some of these basic features, it's not an official release. I'm even a little hesitant to develop against the RC for my main official site because right now we're getting a lot of Hacks to get features up and working...I really don't want to have a site bloated with ways to get something something working in the RC.


Modules  Expected
Forums  Q1 or Q2 2011
Link  Meh, 3.7 one was bad, so do this right
Newsletter  Sometime later
Lists   Link
 No plans yet
 IMO, I'm fine with this unless they implement WML, not just HTML
 Unknown Link   This should be in release, not a complicated thing
Generic Content Sharing
 Q2 2011, end of july Link  !?! This is a basic SF Feature...

**UPDATE Jan.12/11**
This has been pushed back to end of july 2011 or later
File System Library Provider   Unknown, Waiting internal discussion
 Link  Booourns...my Shared hosting DB size is fixed, I need FS Support


And finally...WE NEED 2 CONCURRENT USERS FOR SBE!...it's $500 for god sakes...and has MORe restrictions than the community edition.

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