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DB Driven Scripting and Styling with SF4


SF4 has two super cool widgets which I love to use

  1. CSS Widget
  2. Javascript widget

Script Style Widget

Now here’s why they are special…since they’re page widgets and not physical files, they’re subject to VERSIONING!  The only problem is they are honking big and chunky.  There’s no data rendered to the page when they’re drag\dropped or edited.

So here’s what you do to allow users to place them without gimping up the WYSIWYG design:

  • Edit your masterpage to place a content block below your footer

The result of this is that the user sees the design, but hanging out below the footer is a content block that’s dedicated to items which don’t factor into the design at all.

It’s a very elegant way to handle custom styling which you can rollback when your editors inevitably screw something up :)

So here’s what the result looks like…clean, elegant and out of the way.

Script Style Result

What you can even do is wrap it in a div and style the resulting image to specify that only styles and scripts can go in there, perhaps even go the extra mile and make sure that wrapper has a display:none defined on it so they can’t even physically put content into it.  Now I should mention that the display:none should only be active in LIVE mode :)  You can know you’re on design mode by checking if the body tag has the class ‘.sfPageEditor’

Happy Sitefinitizing!

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