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Free Sitefinity Component Library


Drag\drop widgets into a native Bootstrap or kendo tabstrip. The only tabstrip component available for Sitefinity that allows hosting of any content

Html Content Block

Enter your content in a full-screen instance of VSCode in the browser, nothing to install, with intellisense and syntax highlighing. No content parsing, this thing is fast.

Markdown Editor

Enter content as markdown, get a live preview to the right as you enter it. Nothing is cleaner than markdown, definatly not wysiwyg editors which bloat markup.

Page Title

Drop on the top of a page to pull in the title automatically, or edit to change. Template is global so you can easily restyle site-wide without editing 1000 content blocks.

Twitter Feed

Uses the twitter API to pull in content, Sitefinity removed twitter integration back around v11, I brought it back (but better)

Google Maps

Drag\drop google map widget, with just about every option configurable in the designer

Widget Finder

Ever wanted to know which pages contain which widgets (even layouts)... then this is your jam.

And more...

Extension methods like .GetTags(), .GetImage(), .Live(), .Master(), or just want images or docs in a ContentBlock to render with the Image\Doc .cshtml views, there's tons here


ServiceStack RestApi templates

This is the fastest and best way to create a custom Sitefinity Service. Not MVC JsonResults, not Webforms Svc calls, ServiceStack is fully licensed by Sitefinity, leverage it!


Free Sitefinity Nativescript Plugins

Want us to build you something?

We help brands and platforms turn big ideas into beautiful digital products and experiences.

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