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Sitefinity 12.2 Performance Review


Sitefinity 12.2 is out today and touts big perf updates, so of course I had to upgrade and see if it was another like “saving 1 second” kind of performance tweak, or legit measurable.

…it was measurable

All tests in Release Mode, and I run everything through IIS with a local host file entry for the domain, and local cert.


  • Cold (Not loaded into IIS): 57 seconds
  • Warm (IIS process active), Fresh Build: 52 seconds
  • Warm, Change MVC Template: 8 seconds


  • Cold (Not loaded into IIS): 17 seconds
  • Warm (IIS process active), Fresh Build: 35 seconds
  • Warm, Change MVC Template: 6 seconds

It’ll be even faster on our beefy webserver, noice job team!


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