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Stiefinity v3 RandomSiteControls Release Notes



Added two new controls and compiled it against 3.7 SP4

CssFileLinker is a copy of what you get in Sitefinity 4…allows not only linking a CSS file to the page, but also writing inline css rules inside a plain text box (better than in the html mode of a radeditor)

JsFileLinker, same idea as the CssFileLinker, but you can choose where the script renders on the page…Header, Where you drop it, or Footer.

[Download](Item with ID: ‘e7d6d0f6-d507-40d3-82e4-d9746528b8a3’ was not found!)


Added a new control to the RandomSiteControls Sql RadGrid


  • Backend Designer to pick Grouping, Filtering, Sorting, Skin, etc
  • Pick connectionstrings from a combobox based on the web.config (or freeform)
  • Freeform Select Statement


So my 5.0 controls have been sent off to telerik for testing and hopefully publishing if everything goes okay.

New Controls:

  • Button
  • RadButton

Also there’s now a vertical tabstrip and the ability to set a css class per tab on the strip.

Wish me luck on getting it approved!

Update: 2020/09/24

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