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Positioning in Sitefinity 4


So what we always used to do in Sitefinity 3 for positioning was a couple things right…you use the RadEditor to set alignment, or you create a new template. The problems with that are numerours, and end up frustrating the clients who want to do it all themselves without needing to put out more cash.

So enter Sitefinity 4 layout controls.  We can now let the user dynamically create literally almost any layout they want in seconds.  HOWEVER the concept shouldn’t stop there.

The Image or Document widgets are a great example of what I mean.  You can drop them into the right side of a 50-50 layout control and what happens…they hug the left edge of the layout control.  But hey, you want it to be right-aligned! can do that in the RadEditor when you insert an image right?

So the way to do this is to drop a second layout control into the right side of that 50-50 and then use the resize controls to just skootch it over to where you want it.

So yes, this does add a bit more markup (nests in about 3 more divs)…but it’s a codeless solution which really isn’t THAT heavy :)

So here’s another example…my contact form uses inputs which scale to 100% of their container, but I don’t want the form to be that long.  So just plop in a layout control and leave one of the sides empty.


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