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Macbook stuck keys or laggy mouse


My setup:

Cinema Display->Cinema Display->Macbook Pro (I believe 2015 or 2016)

With the middle display being where I plug in all of my USB devices.  So a Razor keyboard, mouse, and charging cable for headphones.  These all go through the cineima display and are fed into the macbook through the displayport cable.

So for years I’ve been plagued by a problem where my keyboard (regardless of which model) would have like sticky keys, like I press “s” once, but on the screen it’ll be ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss until I mash something else, very frustrating!

Additionally when moving the mouse, often in times of GPU use like youtube, twitter video, hell even slack, the mouse would just pause for a second then continue on.

Sufficed to say it made work near impossible, couldn’t find any fixes online.

Here’s what the fix is:
BUY A POWERED USB HUB, plug devices into that, then the hub into the macbook

Turns out the hyper expensive cinema display can’t seem to properly feed the macbook, maybe firmware, or just not enough bandwidth, but I haven’t had even a single stutter in 3 weeks.

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