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Loading a specific Feather Template in Hybrid Mode


So if you have an existing Hybrid template and try to drop on a bootstrap layout widget (for example) you’ll get an error that it can’t find the template in ~/ResourcePackage/…

This makes sense in that when you base your page on a Bootstrap cshtml template it knows to load Bootstrap, but if you base it on a Masterpage, that Masterpage doesn’t live in the context of a resource package and you might have like 4 resource package themes in your project…WHICH TO LOAD!

The solution is super easy and elegant, just I think maybe not documented?

  1. Open the page templates: /Sitefinity/Design/PageTemplates
  2. On each template you need linked to a ResourcePackage click Actions-Properties
  3. Set the developer name to this convention ResourcePackage.templatename

So lets say you want to use bootstrap and your template is called Root it would be

That’s all there is to it, now feather will load all of it’s templates from the Bootstrap folder.

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