Cleaning pasted content in the MVC Feather Kendo Editor

January 09, 2017
This will be a quick post, there's not much to it :)

But Pre-feather (and currently in the backend) we used the RadEditor for all content modification.  So a long time ago they added the ability for us to configure the tools and functions of that editor in the SF backend under Advanced->Appearance.

However the rogue kendo editor does not obey those settings, it's all client based and they haven't gotten around to finding some sort of bridge or backend config for kendo.

Quick fix though:
Open the cshtml file here: /ResourcePackages/YourPackage/client-components/html-field/sf-html-field.sf-cshtml

You can see it's all kendo MVVM based, so you can add\remove tools or do whatever you want per the kendo docs.

The relevant portion for us though can be seen here.  Kendo documentation here.

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