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Sitefinity 4.3 Roadmap wishlist



  • Polls, give me polls :) …not a 1/2 assed quick version either
  • Custom Types Module ala most other CMSs
  • Multipage forms
  • Ability to set the Form Control Validation in the simple UI mode
  • No developer names on forms column export
  • Forms: Sort by SUBMISSION DATE


  • Custom Fields UI
  • (Multiple URLS on Blogs and Pages don’t take Regex validation into effect, this is a PITS issue, but highly important so I dont have to use the url rewrite module just because an old page has a space)


  • Webeditors, client side content pickers (controls) for custom desigers and auto-generated “advanced” mode.
  • Enhanced Designers, all scrollbar bugs fixed, I should see no scrollbars ever.
  • Searching in all library controls
  • Grid views in library controls…I want to see tags and details
  • Breadcrumb control (this I hope comes with 4.2 SP1)
  • Custom layout PROPERTIES…let me develop and enhance the best part of the CMS!
  • Widget template versioning
  • Widget template designer…I don’t want text-wrapping…I’d rather have a scroll car and ideally I’d like syntax highlighting (no pressure)
  • Widget template control field TYPE selectors in the add column popup


  • Native RSS UI Feedability for all content Items
  • NOTIFICATIONS: Seriously…it was released january, email me when someone submits comment to a blog, submits a form, etc etc…notify me if someone takes a dump on my site :)
  • UI for adding template images
  • Everything it needs to do everything


  • Store custom sitefinity specific data, not just generic GA data.

…I’ll add to this as I think of things, or perhaps submit your own suggestions…ahh crap baby is running away brb

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