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March 15, 2012

Update (seemingly 700)

Ok, so 4.1 is out and that was supposed to contain a critical fix (for me) in which $(document).ready is not called on widget drag\drop onto the design surface.  (Issue #110631).

It's been reported by me in January, last update was a month and 2 days ago on March 16th.  Saying it will be fixed for the 4.1 release.

Guess what didn't make 4.1....

So here's my choice, wait 3 months for Q2 and hope to god it's in there, or release as is on my site  and not to the marketplace. 

The issue is mostly me being nitpicky about user design-time experience. 

Here's what the main problem is:

So as you can see when you put the control onto the page it appears to just be a basic layout control.  However when you publish and go back in, it's actually TWO controls and an alert in my $(document).ready triggers...

So I mean you can't put something like that in production with actual users...hell, I get annoyed with it.

Sorry, my own personal QA is keeping it back until someone can get this fixed at Telerik.

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